Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Canton Observer Features Our Museum Director, Jordan Taylor

Photo by Bill Bresler.
Kudos to Jordan Taylor, the Canton Historical Society's Museum Director, who was recently featured in the Canton Observer!

"Taylor's first exhibit as museum director involved a display showing undergarments, vanity sets and other items Canton residents wore and used as the 1900s arrived. Next up is 'Toys! Batteries Not Included,' a historical perspective of toys that runs Sept. 9 through Nov. 21.

"Despite her busy schedule, she began volunteering as a Canton historian in 2012, transcribing historical documents and helping to create a Victorian-era, beaded room divider for the historical Bartlett-Travis House in Preservation Park. She is among several young volunteers taking an interest in Canton's history."

Read more about Jordan's work at the Canton Historical Museum!