Our Mission
The purpose of the Canton Historical Society (CHS) is to preserve the history of Canton Township, educate people about civic history, and promote the Township's cultural heritage.

The purpose of the CHS Museum is to engage the community in the preservation and interpretation of human history in the geographic area known as the Charter Township of Canton, Michigan.

Our Motto
Conserve, Communicate, Celebrate

Our History
A small group of Canton residents began meeting in 1975. Within two years, the Society had been established and had begun its first major project: we acquired the use of the Canton Center Schoolhouse and renovated it to become the Canton Historical MuseumThe Canton Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Monthly Board Meetings
The Canton Historical Society Board of Directors meets the third Monday of every month (excluding December), and these meetings are open to the public. Any changes in the meeting schedule will be noted in the member newsletter and on our website.

Our Board of Directors
Elizabeth Dornik, President
Judy Krantz, Treasurer
Kathy Martin, Secretary
Sue Goodchild, Director
Gregg King, Director
Jordan Taylor, Director
Bill Tesen, Director
Carol Vandenberg, Director

Museum Director: Jordan Taylor
Assistant Museum Director: Liz Carlson
Newsletter Editor: Jordan Taylor

Barn: Dave Curtis, Bill Tesen
Membership: Sue Goodchild
Research and History: Dave Curtis
Museum and Docents: Liz Carlson, Ronni Curtis, Sue Goodchild, Judy Krantz, Kathy Martin, Karen Roberts, Jordan Taylor

If you have any genealogy questions, please e-mail Dave Curtis at cantonhist@comcast.net.